Production A part of MARGIT K.'s products are produced in India. The Indians have a long tradition in the textile crafts. That includes skilled hand weaving and textile printing. MARGIT K.'s production contributes with work for women and men in particular village communities, where they can retain their skilled craftsmanship and make a living of it. MARGIT K.'s design, you can buy with a clear conscience, as they are produced under good conditions. The companies MARGIT K. cooperate with has a high standard in relation to human rights. There are good salary – and working conditions and policies against child labor and discrimination. The companies also follow the European standards in the use of dyes and chemicals. Margit's work consists in addition to the design work also in maintaining a good cooperation on production, and she regularly visits the businesses so she can control the production based on her quality standards. Some of the pictures are from one of the companies that Margit K. cooperates with. It is located in the southern part of Kolkatta, way out where the city turns into small villages and cattle graze in the fields. Here some of the scarfs are printed. Some of the other pictures are from the village Fulia where some of the scarves also are woven. Margit has got a good idea about how skilled the weavers are here. On pretty simple looms they can produce the most amazing fabrics and master very difficult techniques. In these villages, they have a long tradition of hand weaving through several generations. The women often work for the local weaver, close by where they live. In this way she is also able to take care of her family. Some of the men in these villages are also engaged in weaving.